Mass Storage II – Świętokrzyska Metro Station in Warszawa / Poland

I am glad to participate with three works of the International Art Project ‘Mass Storage II’- which was unveiled in the Świętokrzyska Metro Station in Warszawa / Poland.
This time, digital art is displayed on the three large-format screens, which are animations and graphics by artists from Egypt, Germany, Slovenia, and Poland who have “digital traces” in their artistic activities.
Project viewing November 2023.
Artists participating in the Mass Storage II project:
☆Rafał Urbański (Poland) – Project Author,
Dagmar Venus (Germany),
Mohamed Zakaria Soltan (Egypt),
Teresa Anna Ślusarek (Poland),
Wolfgang Brenner (Germany),
Katrina Sadrak (Poland),
Brut Carniollus (Slovenia),
Antonina Jasztal (Poland).