Ausstellung | Exhibition in Kielce / Poland

Ausstellung | Exhibition in Kielce / Poland

3 x europa – Ukraina / Polska / Niemcy Igor Janowicz / Marek Wawro / Wolfgang Brenner

Opening Okt 10 2014 at 7 p.m. Galeria BWA | Kielce / Poland | ul. Kapitulna 2 I present more than 50 works in this exhibition. A catalouge with 48 pages is printed. Kurator: Stanisława Zacharko-Łagowska Duration Okt 19  – Okt 31 2014 IHOR YANOWICH from Ukraine, MAREK WAWRO from Poland and WOLFGANG BRENNER  from Germany – it might seem that the confrontation of these three artists coming from three different countries and working in three different parts of Europe (Eastern, Middle and Western) would emphasize only the differences caused by living, working and developing in different cultures, traditions and geopolitical conditions. On the contrary: three coherent, excellent sets of works, strongly attributed with personalities of their authors, converse with each other equally both on the level of the modern language of art forms and universal contents and messages of these forms. Each artist touches different aspects of reality and human existence entangled in it. Each of them discuss them within the area limited by the objectiveness of photography touching it directly, and subjectiveness of painting being an abstract record of one’s own emotions, feelings and thoughts. And each author supports the message of his art works with signposts of words. Read More


2014 | Poerty Project  in WAD

World Art Delft invited me to participate in her poetry project, which will be organized for the seventh time. This project on art and poetry will take place from March 2 up to June 9 2014.

This year  the poerty project is inspired by the poem ´The Albatross´ of the French poet Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867).

14 albatros-small
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